ragnarok violet

Ragnarok Violet (iOS) – Play Ragnarok Offline?

Ragnarok Violet is a new RPG for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that allows players to explore Prontera, capital city of the main country Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, and its surrounding lands. Ragnarok Violet features hunting familiar monsters, collecting items with their in-game pets, and generally experiencing what is Ragnarok Online. Ragnarok offline, anyone?

ragnarok violet

Ragnarok Violet Video Trailer

Gravity Interactive is releasing the game as a free app in iTunes on Friday US time (it’s already out in Japan). Ragnarok Violet is free because the game also supports one of Ragnarok Online’s most popular features, buying items and equipment with real money to use in-game.

No word if the local version of Ragnarok Online, published by Level Up! Inc., will be supporting this feature.


Ragnarok Violet PR
MARINA DEL REY, Calif. – Gravity Interactive, Inc. is very proud to announce the release of their most popular and famous MMORPG as a single-player iPhone/iPad application which can be found on the Apple’s App Store on August 5, 2011. The game will be available and free to download from the Apple’s App Store.

Starting in the capital city Prontera, you will fight against familiar monsters from the game, such as Porings, Spores and Marins! Battle through the lush landscape and collect drops that you see in the original game such as Empty Bottles, Honey and even the different colored Herbs!

Using potions fight your way through and explore dark caverns in search of quest items and tougher monsters to level up! Your pet will prove to be your friend by picking up your loot; don’t forget to feed him or he’ll run away.

Find or purchase various weapons and armor to better prepare for your battles. Upgrade them and compound Monster cards into them for an even bigger advantage in combat! Eventually you will be strong enough to battle it out with the iconic MVP bosses!

Completely hand-held and played on the touch screen of the popular Apple products, “Ragnarok Violet” is very easy to pick up and play.

Yeah, the question is where is Ragnarok 2, right?

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