Dragon Nest Crest Guide

Dragon Nest has a lot of interesting ways to improve your character and empower them to become the hero of Legendia. Dragon Nest’s Crest system is one of these, you will need a guide to properly harness the power of Crests. Your DN characters have many Crest slots that are unlocked as they level up.

There are 2 types of Crest slots in DragonNest, Enhancement and Skills, which are unlocked at the following levels:

Level 10 Enhancement
Level 14 Enhancement
Level 16 Skill
Level 18 Enhancement
Level 22 Enhancement
Level 24 Skill
Level 26 Enhancement
Level 30 Enhancement
Level 32 Skill
Level 34 Enhancement
Level 38 Enhancement
Level 40 Skill

Now to get the Crests to fill those slots, you will need to find Plates in your journeys with various names assigned to them such as these:

Now that you have the plates, it’s time to take them to your favorite local Crest maker.

Select (Craft Crest), right click on the desired plate and then select the option you would like, to create your ideal Crest. Here you can see, given the same skill Crest, there are two choices to improve it: damage increase or cooldown reduction.

Once done, you will now have an item you can insert into your free Crest slot. It is very easy to overlook the Crest section of your character development, but do not underestimate their importance! If you’re lucky, even a single Crest can increase your HP by 900 and that is a big boost especially at the early levels.

Source: MyDragonNest

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