Download Dragon Nest SEA Client now

Good News Pinoy Dragon Nest Fans! You can now download Dragon Nest SEA Client via Cherry Credits @ Be warned that the Dragon Nest South East Asia website is being flooded by requests so keep on trying if you receive a webpage connection error or you can try going to to redeem your CBT keys and download the dragon nest client.


The Dragon Nest SEA client is approximately 1.86GB in size and takes up approx 2.2GB on your hard drive. See you in the Dragon Nest SEA CBT!

Author: Kiven
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66 thoughts on “Download Dragon Nest SEA Client now

  1. play dragonest at urbanbrew iligan, fronting dr uy hospital in Iligan City for those who are interested to play :)

  2. i already have registered and I’m currently DL the game it’s about !hr and 30 min. Let’s see if this will work. after installation.

  3. It easy to download but hard to register. If their some one could tell me how to register. If you go to cherry credit before you register your account you must down load the games. I already have this game but can’t play it because I’m not register

  4. 1st step:   go to support on the upper portion of the window…….  
    click download support…..
    click download ……..   or try this
     2nd step :    after you are registered click PLAY
    then a tiny window will come out 
    then click download 
    the download will take a long time so be patient
    if you want the download to be paused 
    try the first download steps I’ve given you

  5. O.o..i already register and i do have the set up program but after all those installation something pop out in log in menu “unable to connect in to the log in server” im so eager to play!!so frustrating..>.<

  6. you can message me the exact link of this game on facebook.

  7. nakapag download n ko ng dragon nest at nkapag registered n ko kaso pag login login error nka lagay pano un. doble ng ndowload ko isang nexon at ung isa ayaw mag login

  8. Hello hannah, can i ask where is that support? You did not mention if it was in this link also or in the other website…

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