Legendary Wars for iPhone and iPod Touch

Legendary Wars is an action RTS game for the Apple iPhone, Ipod Touch and is available on the Apple app store. The campaign mode lets you battle across five lands and fifty levels to destroy an assortment of beasties. The game also comes with some RPG elements by upgrading your characters with gems you’ve earned during battle, and upgrading your castle and obtain special armor by using rare moonstones. Legendary Wars 3 additional modes: endless defense, side-scrolling, and survival.

Legendary Wars Screenshots

Legendary Wars Video review by AppSpy

Legendary Wars Features

  • Campaign mode features 5 lands and over 50 levels each with unique gameplay and unlockable modes.
  • Experience a new freedom in hybrid gameplay as you take direct control of any hero on the battlefield and unleash their special attacks!
  • Customize and upgrade your heroes through the game to unlock powerful new attacks and two sets of Legendary Armor per character.
  • Super-smooth animation and 6 beautiful environments with eye-popping parallax scrolling give a fantastic look to the game.
  • Battle Skullys, Zombies, Wolfys, Vamps, Trolls, Gargoyles and Dragons designed with AI to challenge and hunt you down.

Legendary Wars Website: http://www.legendary-wars.com/

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