Warbane MMORPG

War Bane is an MMORPG developed by game studio Mgame and features large-scale wars with arms such as like siege weapons and mounts. War Bane started its second closed beta test on Oct. 28 with Mgame detailing game features:

War Bane players can choose to side with either the state Orsia or Foren, and can even occupy places like the great tower and crystal tower in scene fights after overcoming the adventures. Similar to RTS games, War Bane allows players to build houses, create items like air and land siege weapons for the sake of taking the opponents’ bases, and even summon military units in sieges. This feature is tied with the Warbane reputation system, i.e. the higher the reputation value is, the more type of weapons players can use. Additionally, with the diversified units, player characters can also transform to different looks.


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