Legacy of a Thousand Suns Cheats and Strategy Guide

Legacy of a Thousand Suns is a new space exploration facebook social game developed by 5th Planet Games and a lot of players have been drawn to Legacy of a Thousand Suns because of  the art and the sci-fi story. One friend mention he thought this was a Mass Effect Facebook game (Please, Bioware!). I have been personally been enjoying Legacy of a Thousand Suns for the past 3 days or so and i must say i’m hooked and found another game alongside  Warstorm, Castle Age and the Tyrant games i have been playing on Facebook.

Looking for help with Legacy of a Thousand Suns? Check out a Legacy of a Thousand Suns Cheats and Strategy Guide

Upon Loading the game you need to create your Character and run through the basic tutorial: Choose your gender, face, skin then name and save. You will then be walked through the basics of the game (Which are as follows):

Home page :

The central hub of Legacy of a Thousand Suns, featuring Dev Updates and four Premium Items purchasable for Suns. You can Also send gifts (Equipment / Collection items) from this page.

Mini Guide:

Player Name: Your Name.
lvl : You’re Characters Level.
Miniature Profile Picture: What you look like aka your head shot, if you see a green arrow in this box it means you have stat points to use.
Suns: Premium Currency – Used for Special items and Powerups. (These can be purchased but also earned with leveling up)
Credits: Regular Credits – Can be used to purchase various items in the shop.
Health: Your health gage, if this becomes less than 10, you cannot boss battle/pvp.
Energy: Number of Energy points used for Intergalactic Missions
Stamina: Number of Stamina points used for Located Raids and PvP
Honor: Number of Honor Points used for Alliance Raids and Interstellar beatdowns.


This is your main “Personal” page, Where you assign stat points (Attack, Defense, Health, Energy or Stamina), also contains all your Inventory Items, and where you equip your wardrobe, plus utilities and Trinkets. Private/Public Messages directed to you also appear here. This is also the page where you can check your Fleet (how many friends you have in your current army) and send requests / links for new recruits.


This is your hangar space, for Officers and Crew Members to be assigned to the Ship your currently piloting/commanding.


A place to construct items, conjure up experiments and cash in on valuable collections.


Purchase facilities and level them up, then farm them for various valuable items. A useful side business for any aspiring space commander. You’ll find, Comm Towers, Planetary Defense, Munitions Factories, Vehicle bays, Space academy and shipyard awaiting your research and development. Each Facility has 5 levels to purchase/upgrade, each grade offers different items.


No hassle shopping, Services and Limited edition items. Use a combination of Credits and Suns to equip yourself and your officers/crew members. Services on offer are: Health Refill, Energy Refill, Stamina Refill, Credit Purchase, Fleet Size Upgrade, Name Change, Extra energy for 24 hours, Extra Stamina for 24 hours, Extra Attack for 24 hours and Extra Defense for 24 hours. Prices Ranging from 30 Suns to credit purchasable Health Refills.


Engage in missions to earn items, experience and level advancement, plus collect priceless data on hard to beat bosses to Locate later. This section will use your energy bar.


Your alliances private room, Initially you need to create a charter costing 25,000 credits then have 10 members succesfully sign it, then you shall find a war room, beatdowns, and Invaluable data on your opponents alliances. Alliance unique raids can be summoned here which require your honor to complete them.


Engage in battles with your Alliance or friends from located super baddies for valuable loot to equip yourself and crew members. This section uses Stamina or Honor depending if Raid is created via Alliance War Room, or Private Location.


Pit yourself against your peers in One on One duels, or Fleet versus Fleet Skirmishes. Pride of course is at stake here, along with experience and monetary gains.

Upon Completion of the Tutorial you’ll choose your class: Pilot Energy timer 4m Stamina 5m, Explorer Both Energy and Stamina 4m 30s or Soldier 5m Energy but 4m Stamina. Choose class based on how you wish to play the game, Wish to balance raids and missions then Explorer, if you favour missions go with Pilot, and if you wish to do raids more often, Soldier would be the valuable choice.

Original SOurcE: http://www.legacyofathousandsuns.com/forum/showthread.php?37-LoTS-to-See-and-DO-A-Pictoral-Guide-to-LoTS

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