Dragona’s Dragon Transformation System

Korean game developer Liveplex’s 3D action MMORPG Dragona is widely regarded as a visual copycat of NcSoft’s Aion. Dragona’s user interface, ingame graphics and even the dragon model designs in Dragona look similar to the designs in Aion. Liveplex says that Dragona is unique and provides proof by showcasing the transformation system, or the Dragon Possession System at G-Star 2010. By transforming into a dragon, you gain new power and abilities. In order to activate the transformation, you have to consume Core, which can be obtained by killing monsters. This reminds me of YNK Interactive’s Rohan Dekan race though.


You can transform to improve basic skills or get special skills. Going deep into the transformation system, the process consists of the transformation of different parts of your body: head (increases magic), arms (increases physical attack), feet (increases speed), and torso (increases defense). Since the transformation will consume Cores, in some cases you just transform several parts of your body to deal with certain monsters and to make good use of the Cores. A systemic transformation requires a mass of Cores but in return, you significantly increase your ability, and of course your appearance will change. Below are different stages of Kali Assassin’s transformation.

Dragona features 4 races and 8 classes, with gender restriction. The 4 races are Human, Kali, Eldin, and Catcha, each of which offers 2 classes, a male character and a female character.

Source: http://news.mmosite.com/content/2010-11-22/dragona_details_the_dragon_transformation_system,1.shtml

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