Play StarCraft 2 in 3D

Blizzard today brings 3D support to StarCraft II via an update patch. The Starcraft 2 patch, the first major one since StarCraft II’s release in July, also brings some changes to the game’s all-important balance.

The patch addresses the following SC2 issues: Zealot rushes will now be substantially more difficult, as build times for the little blue dudes have been increased. The same goes for the frequently-seen Reaper rushes, as both Reaper build times and Bunker build times have been increased. The Starcraft 2 patch is good news for Zerg players, who only suffered a decrease in power to the late game unit Ultralisk.

The 3D for Starcraft 2 support is the biggest news of the patch. To take advantage of the added support, however, players will need to have NVIDIA 3D Vision. Awww for ATI/AMD video card users….

Read more via Blizzard Starcraft 2 Patch Notes

via IGN

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