Phantasy Star Portable 2 PSP Review

Phantasy Star Portable 2 continues the Sony PSP’s run of awesome RPG games this 2010. For those who have no clue what the Phantasy Star Portable series is about, Think Monster Hunter except set in the future and in space. Awesome, right?

Check out Phantasy Star Portable 2 PSP Reviews from around the web:

Meristation writes: “Phantasy Star Portable 2 is better than the previous game, and it improves at many levels. Despite not being perfect yet, it’s a fun, long, compelling and very interesting experience. Both one player or multiplayer game modes are great, as there are so many things to do in this universe.” 75/100

Metro GameCentral: “The fundamentals haven’t changed from the Dreamcast days but the new online mode and other refinements make this the best Phantasy Star for some time” 60/100

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