Apad m700003 Review

The Apad 706 aka Apad MID m700003 aka Apad iPed iRobot has finally arrived on Philippine shores. Reminds you of the Apple Ipad doesn’t it? Except that the Apad runs on Google’s Android 1.9 OS and costs a lot cheaper.


The Apad, while being a China made iPad clone, has a lot going for it including a price range from 5000-7000 pesos locally. Check out the Chinese iPad’s Apad Specs and Reviews after the jump.

Apad 706 Features:
1. MID 7 inch touch screen with camera
2. CPU: VIA WM8505.600MHz
3. 256MB DDR & 2GB Memory Built-in(yes 2GB po Ito)
4. WiFi wireless & Ethernet 10/100M
5. Google Android 1.9.xx OS

Apad 706 Specifications:
1. 7 inch TFT LCD SCREEN, Resolution: 800*480, 16: 9
2. Mutimedia Codes: Support Audio Formats(MP3, WMA), Mail Reader, Video online.
3. Web video with the ICON / RAM: 128MB DDR2
4. Hard disk: 2GB NAND FLASH, support maxium 32GB mobile HDD
5. Network support: Ethernet 10/100M, WiFi: 802.11B/G
6. Slot list
TF*1(support up to 32G TF Card)
30 pin interface*1
Microphone in*1
Stereo Audio out *1
USB slot*1

7. Audio: High-Fidelity stereo speaker output
8. Desktop: Google Browser, Automatically change the wallpaper (like win7.0), update frequencies can be set to 1hour to 6 days. Functional icon dragging.
9. Support E-book function, change skin, Clock desktop tools, Analog Clock.
10. Communication Sofware: Skye, MSN.
11. Office Software, Word, EXCEL, Powerpoint, PDF etc.,
12. Game: Classic game: The guitar, piano, tennis, baseball, chess, Chinese chess, renju, blackjack, spores, and pushed box. Touch game: Guerrillas, similar to the CS, and assassin, etc.
13. Suport camera: 1.3mega pixels
14. Adapter: DC: 9V, AC: 180–240V

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