Ragnarok Online 2 To Be Released Next Year?

Ragnarok Online is among the very few Korean titles that has considerably impacted gaming in the Western hemisphere not to mention the Philippine MMORPG landscape. It is also the first MMORPG popularized by game developer Gravity. It was only until now that something was heard out of RO’s sequel, Ragnarok Online 2. Though Ragnarok 2 was already released as an open beta in Korea back in 2007, its Unreal 2.5 engine was delivering poorly and Gravity had to pull the plug.

When asked what happened to Ragnarok 2 in a recent Gstar Conference at Korea, Global Business Manager Yunghun Lee responded “It’s a difficult question to answer,” attesting that the 2007 RO2 wasn’t enough for the market. He added that the game now runs in Gamebryo engine, and is completely different from its failed version after undergoing major changes.

Lee said in the conference that the RO2’s completion is nearing, stating “We’re going to release the game next year.”

To clarify, Gravity probably means they will release Ragnarok 2 for public consumption for the Korean market. Still, no WORD re the Ragnarok Online 2 english version. =(


Author: Kiven
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