Car Town partners with Big Auto Brands

Car Town, developed by Cie Games, was launched on facebook a couple of weeks ago and now has began generating more business by partnering with the biggest automobile brands.

Honda was among the first automakers to leap into the Car Town franchise, and will be showcasing an in-game showroom to display its new hybrid car, CR-Z sport. Expect to see virtual billboards within the game, displaying the new sports car as part of Honda’s advertising campaign.

Other automobile makers advertising in Car Town are Dodge, General Motors, Lamborghini, DeLorean, Land Rover, Ford, Fisker, Dodge, Mazda, Lotus, McLaren, Nissan, Opel, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ram Truck, Scion, and Volkswagen. Car Town’s objective is no different from most Facebook games – that is, to create the most efficient space for items. In the context of the game, this means creating a car garage and collecting as much customized cars as possible.

The customization of cars are not solely reliant on appearance however, as the cars could be revved up for better performance which pays off by winning car races and delivering pizzas for extra coins. Players can also go on road trips with friends to earn points.

Author: Kiven
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