Quake Arena Arcade Release Confirmed For Xbox Live

After a long wait by Quake 3 fans, CEO Todd Daniel of Pi Studios finally confirmed that they are releasing Quake Arena Arcade for Xbox Live between the end of November and early December 2010. The Quake Arena Arcade release will finally push through after failed attempts to conquer Microsoft’s gaming console.

When Microsoft first mass-produced Xbox to compete with Sony’s then-blooming PlayStation series, Pi Studios did develop a compatible Quake 3 game. But because the game was illegally made with an unlicensed Xbox Development Kit, only a modded Xbox was capable of running it. Shortly thereafter, it was released for the Xbox 360.

This year, Quake Arena Arcade for Xbox Live was finally confirmed after originally being announced at QuakeCon 2007.

Basically, Quake Arena Arcade is just an XBLA version of the original Q3, but with an imperishable 45 new maps for an exciting first-person shooting viewpoint. 30 of these maps were taken from Quake III: Arena, while 15 were specifically built for its XBLA release.

Pricing details are yet to be announced.

Author: Kiven
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