Fewer Games Coming Out This Year For Sony PSP

Some PSP gamers are going to be left out to sulk in dismay this Fall of 2010. But there’s no need to fuzz, really. A couple of BIG games are still coming for Sony’s gaming portable. Here’s a rundown of the big players and some of their release plans for the Sony PSP:

EA Games won’t be releasing any game for their NBA and Need For Speed series this fall season, apparently. But they announced that they will continue to put out sports games Madden and FIFA for the PSP console. Activision said they don’t have any major PSP updates to their Spider Man, Call of Duty, and James Bond series but that they would instead have new editions of these for competing portable Nintendo NDS.

Me? I’m waiting for Atlus’ RPG releases and of course, the next Monster Hunter!

THQ remains loyal to Sony PSP, probably because of the multi-button combos necessary to deliver wrestler signature moves. They’ll still continue their wrestling games franchise UFC and WWE. The hit God of War by Sony and Square-Enix’s popular RPG, Kingdom Hearts are the new big releases PSP users should look out for this Fall.

Source: Kotaku

Author: Kiven
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