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Kabod Online, a Korean MMORPG classified for 18+ players, features gambling, violence and other naughty elements. That isnt a surprise, there are other MMORPGs that cater to the older crowd but what happened was Kabod Online’s website changed language from Korean to English with a Global CBT announcement. Is Kabod Online coming to either the US or EU online game market?

Read about Kabod Online’s game features after the jump.

Kabod Online Screenshots

Kabod Online Game Features
1. Criminal System

“Criminal Systems – level of crime and punishment of crime…”
Users can commit a crime and become a criminal but punishment follows.
Excluding beginning area and hunting area all other areas PK is allowed.
With use of PK you don’t become a villain.
With use of robbing skills your honor drops and you can become a villain

2. PK Robbing System

PK Robbing System”
Anybody can use the system but punishment is your responsibility.
With basic skill anybody can use the PK robbing system but players with minimum level ten you can not use.
You can grab an item from opposing players after you succeed in robbing the PK.

3. Magic Pattern System

“Magic Pattern”
With in the magic pattern there is magical items and magical cards that enchants the items.

4. Destructible Armor

“Destroyable armor(suit)”
Realistic destroyable armor system are damaged and destroyed according tothe monster’s (human monster) and players built-in system.

5. NPC Dating System

Hot date with ideal NPC
Within the village you can quest an ideal NPC, if accepted, you can start the simulation mode. You can quest daily. Depending on the skinship and the relationship players buffering changes.

6. Kabod Online has 4 Main Classes: Rogue, Warrior, Knight and Archer

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