Arche Age

Arche Age codenamed Project X2, using CryEngine2, now is under the development of XL Games. Everyone who enter Arche Age, will start their journey to solve the relationship between 12 forefathers and this world.


Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of EPIC Games which is world-famous for the Unreal Engine 3, and Jake Song, CEO of XLgames, attended this year’s Korea Game Technology Conference held in Seoul and discussed with the other South Korean game developers on related topics such as the games’ future growth and the next-gen game engines.

On February 25 in the Korea Game Technology Conference, the Korea-based game developer XLgames that was founded by the “Father of Lineage” – Jake Song unveiled two trailers for its new MMORPG Arche Age, which is being developed by using Cry Engine 2, for the first time. As Arche Age’s official site is open simultaneously, players can freely communicate with the development team; and with the unveiled trailers, players are also expected to know more about Arche Age. According to Jake Song, Arche Age is scheduled to launch its closed beta in June in South Korea and after further development, to launch open beta within this year.

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