Battle of the Immortals 2: Diablo 3 Clone?

Perfect World Entertainment officially announced its new MMORPG Battle of the Immortals 2, which is created partly by developers from Torchlight maker Runic Games and will reportedly be available to a global audience this 2010. As stated, Many of those responsible for the development of Battle of the Immortals 2 are from Runic Games, including bigwigs Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer , who all used to work on the development of western action RPGs like Diablo and Torchlight.


But wait a minute…these Battle of the Immortal 2 screens look from early screenshots of Diablo 3. Take a look at the logo as well of Battle of the of the Immortals 2, havent we seen those fiery lines behind the logo text somewhere else?

MMOSITE writes: “With the adoption of the wholly new Cube Engine 2, Battle of the Immortals 2 will display a more realistic and rigid graphic style, and will be a real Diablo-style online game. The new engine will bring the game more powerful 3D effects and more impressive 3D scenes, making the game graphics and actions much vivider. No matter in terms of PvE or PvP, the rhythmic and breathtaking combats will always be the main tune.”

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  1. what is the website of battle of immortal 2??? it is a private game or ph game???? how can i download dis game????

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