Verdonia Cheats and Tips

Verdonia is a new social strategy game on Facebook developed by Playdom, who has also developed other facebook social games such as Social City, Sorority Life and Treetopia

In Verdonia, you are the ruler of your own burgeoning Kingdom. Construct buildings in the fields to collect resources. Construct buildings in the town for technology, attack and defense. Ally with other players in your attempts to win fame and fortune! If that sounds similar to Kingdoms of Camelot’s gameplay then you’re not far off.

Verdonia Cheats and Tips after the jump.

Verdonia Tips

1. Add friends for bonus resources everyday
2. Maximize use of speed ups especially those of the 1hour and above variety
3. Make sure you use your Verdonia bonus pack given to you in the tutorial
4. Dont forget to develop your field

Verdonia Cheats coming soon!

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