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Frontierville is Zynga’s newest social game on Facebook and a lot of social gamers are flocking to it. Energy is FrontierVille’s most valuable and scarce resource. Fortunately we have the FrontierVille energy cheats, tips, and news to have you constantly refreshed in the wild wild west. Energy in FrontierVille is similar to how it works in Treasure Isle, that is, you need it for everything. Luckily, there are many ways to generate energy in order to extend your gameplay.

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More cheats and tips for Frontierville’s energy system after the jump.

There are a number of ways to regain energy:

Waiting – As they say, patience is a virtue. One unit of energy is regained every five minutes (originally three, but it the time was extended). Therefore, the most viable way to regain a full meter is by simply taking a break from the game. Luckily, in the early levels, an hour or two will be more than enough to revitalize your settler.

Food – Food is gained by harvesting animals and crops, and can be used to buy meals at the FrontierVille marketplace. Meals will partially refill your energy meter, allowing you to continue working. Some of the various meals are:

Light Snack: Costs 25 Food and refills 3 energy Points
Breakfast: Costs 50 Food and refills 7 energy Points
Lunch: Costs 100 Food and refills 15 energy Point
All You Can Eat: Costs 10 Horseshoes and refills entire energy meter.
Beef Jerky: Costs 30 Horseshoes and refills entire energy meter. Also permanently adds three points to your energy meter

Visit Friends – One of the biggest features of a social game like Frontierville is leveraging your contacts that are playing the game. Just for visiting friends you’ll receive energy points among other items. So make sure you visit all your neighbors everyday.

Free Gifts – You can send your friends meals for free from the Free Gifts page. Either send or ask your friends for meals and accept the requests when they arrive to regain energy points. The free gift meals have the same energy value as they do at the marketplace so don’t ignore this valuable resource.

Working – Very often, working the land will yield extra energy. Whether it’s chopping wood, clobbering a snake or whacking your house, a blue lighting bolt will sometimes pop out. This bolt represents one point of energy. Although that’s not much, we’re looking to get our hands on all the energy we can.

Collections – Completing collections will yield a specified reward which can include energy boosts and upgrades.

Leveling up – A level up will fully refill your energy bar and add one to your maximum energy possible.

More Frontierville Energy Cheats and Tips

Visit neighbors – Although all the posts saying “add me” may be overwhelming at times, these people know the real key to success: neighbors. Having an overwhelming amount of neighbors is the easiest way to abuse the energy system (and the other systems) in FrontierVille. Visiting neighbors refills energy and grants you other treats and are a great option once you’ve expending all your points.

Visiting neighbors also allows you to do five tasks. If you help your neighbor by harvesting trees or animals, you can get extra food to buy meals with.

Use neighbors to work – As mentioned above, doing work can yield food and energy, both of which may contribute to your energy meter. Make sure you fully utilize neighbors visiting your farm to give you extra food and energy after your meter has ran out. In addition, you may hire two neighbors a day for 50 Coins apiece. These can also net you some food and energy.

Use neighbors for free meals – Although we never like to abuse our friends’ generosity, sometimes we just need that energy! And if your friends play FrontierVille they will be sure to understand. Send those free gifts and request gifts in return. Free meals are a great and easy way to get extra energy.

Be smart – Our final advice for adventurers out braving the frontier, is to be smart about using energy. What we mean by this is simple, don’t do anything that would cause a waste of energy points. For example, knowing that you are just two experience points away from an energy refilling level up, don’t eat Beef Jerky or visit a neighbor. Simply do a task or two on your own farm so that those two more significant energy sources aren’t expended.

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