Is Crytek developing an online game?

Recently, LinkedIn profiles for two Crytek (developers of FPS Crysis) employees offered hints that Crytek may be developing an MMO. The profiles have since been altered with more vague descriptions, however superannuation ( has reprinted the excerpts from both profiles containing the original job descriptions.

Check out James Dennett, Senior IT Manager, Crytek:

Senior IT Manager
(Privately Held; Computer Games industry)
February 2009 — Present (1 year 4 months)
Duties: Complete life cycle responsibility for nearly 300 Linux servers in a demanding “zero downtime” environment. Interoperability with Windows clients and game asset systems.

Development (Apache, PHP, MySQL & shell programming) of monitoring systems , network test game deployment systems and various bespoke solutions.

Designing, testing and implementing as part of the development team the systems infrastructure for an MMO online game.

James’ LinkedIn profile now simply reads:

Senior IT Manager
(Privately Held; Computer Games industry)
February 2009 — Present (1 year 5 months)
I work at Crytek in the IT team.

This is exciting news for those who have both the graphics power to run Crytek’s cutting edge game engines while having enough internet bandwidth/latency for a MMOFPS.


Author: Kiven
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