Facebook Games: Exile Gods Strategy and Cheats

Exile Gods is a social card battle game found on social networking site Facebook. Similar in nature to Warstorm and other card battling games, Exile Gods is set in a fantasy world where heroes of different aspects battle it out for supremacy.

Exile Gods is a free-to-play Trading Card Game on Facebook. Claim your place among the gods, join the epic power struggle now!
• Original artwork.
• Crafting system.
• Auction house.
• Unlock new Titles and Avatars.

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Exile Gods Strategy and Cheats
1. Check and Memorize Matchups
Definitely look for opponents where you can exploit their weakness and push your advantage. If you are Technology and just entered Umbrica, you probably have Frost Attacks… So, you want to attack Nature and avoid Technology opponents as Nature’s Cockatrice is weak versus Frost and Technology’s Guillotine Trap has defense against Frost. Once you have branched out your hand with other attacks you will have to work this out.

Dont just look at the level of your opponent, look at his hand power too. Learn to see which hand power combinations are susceptible to yours.

2. Mana Regeneration
You can have a winnable fight where you lack mana if you have mana regeneration in your domain and wait an hour for the mana to appear. For instance, you are attacking with power 8 versus defense 10 and need 3 mana, but you only have 2 mana. In your domain you have a Mana Gem, so you can wait an hour and then you will have 5 mana and enough to win the challenge.

3. How to Max out your Domain
You can have a domain up to size 5.
Here is what the optimal domains for different types of generation.

Gold Regen
Charity (14g/hr), Gold Mine (10g/hr), Town x3 (5g/hr each) = 936 gold each day.
With only 2 Towns, you will get 816 gold each day.
With only 1 Town, you will get 696 gold each day.

Mana Regen
Meditation Grove (6m/hr), Mana Gem x4 (3m/hr each) = 18 mana regen each hour.

Balance + Scrying
Meditation Grove (6m/hr), Mana Gem (3m/hr), Charity (14g/hr), Gold Mine (10g/hr) and Scrying Bowl (-1m/hr) = 8 mana each hour plus 576 gold each day…

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