Warstorm Strategy

Warstorm is a fantasy collectible strategy trading card game that can be found on Facebook or on http://warstorm.com. While it is possible to enjoy without buying Warstorm challenge coins, purchasing “Challenge Coins” offers a number of benefits such as exclusive card sets and campaigns, not faster access to cool new items that may be bought with ingame Warstorm silver.

Here are some Warstorm strategy tips on how to maximize Warstorm even without buying challenge coins:

Be Patient
Majority of cards in Warstorm may be bought with in-game silver or a smaller number of challenge coins. If you have the time and patience, it is definitely possible that most of the cards can purchased without spending actual cash.

Some cards are sold as singles and you should take advantage of this to grow your army. Waiting a day, refreshes this list so you might want to wait if you dont want to spend for challenge coins in Warstorm.

Speed up battles
Warstorm gives the option to speed up the automatically resolved matches up to four times. So earn more in-game silver faster by bumping up the speed. The only good reason for slowing it down is to get ideas for good card strategy.

It’s Not The Cards, It’s How They’re Played
As anyone who has played a collectible card game such as Magic the Gathering for any period of time can attest, the player who has spent the most money on high-powered cards is almost never the player who sees the most success. This is because the spenders often mistakenly think that a deck composed entirely of power cards will be unstoppable.

It’s not the individual cards that will win you a match in Warstorm but how the cards match up with the your opponents and how they interact with other cards ion your deck. Ready costs are a big factor as well and how costs curves over a period of turns.

It is OK to Lose in Warstorm
One of the things i hate in card games, or gaming in general is losing. Especially if there are rankings involved. But with Warstorm, you can fight and fight and fight to your heart’s desire and not be penalized. I do miss the competition, Thta’s why i guess why leagues are there for those who can handle it.

Challenge Other people
One of the best ways to earn silver and experience points in Warstorm is to keep battling other people. More wins allows you faster time to level up and gain access to more quests and cards. Try completing th challenges as well as you can earn badges and exclusive items just by completing these.

Earn Challenge Coins
If all else fails, challenge coins can be “earned,” by completing participating in partner offers. Be careful though, as many of these opportunities involve accepting an offer that costs money or giving away personal information.

With just a bit of good strategy, patience and ingenuity, you dont need to spend anything on Warstorm just to enjoy playing the game. More Warstorm Stretgy Articles soon only @ https://codamon.com

Author: Kiven
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