Borderlands – Full Game Map

Looking for Borderlands full map with location and NPC names? Here you go!

Full picture 25% size – 146ko
Full picture 50% size – 352ko
Full picture 75% size – 711ko
Full picture 100% size – 966ko

Borderlands Map Features :
– All weapon crates
– All claptrap position
– All Boss position (missing WidowMaker and Helob in Rust Commons East)
– All NPC position
– Name of teleport area

– Preloader
– Legend
– HUD Ingame design
– Credits

Thanks to Zfire of the Borderlands Forum for this Map.

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “Borderlands – Full Game Map

  1. Whats w/ the map not having a keys … I don’t know what the stars mean besides the obvious … red starts = red chests, white stars = white chests … but what does the red charts w/ yellow outlines and the yellow stars mean?

  2. also we cant tell the diffrence betwenn weapons depots and muntions depots and i noticed in a few spots didnt have any marking for them

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