TV: Stargate Universe Episode 1-2


I have been waiting for the newest Stargate series spinoff for quite some time now and when Stargate Universe’s inaugural episode was aired, i wasn’t disappointed.

Stargate Universe follows a ragtag bunch of human refugees who accidentally ends up on an Ancient ship, billions of lightyears from Earth after an attack on an offworld outpost. If Star Trek: Voyager comes to mind, have a cookie. Fortunately, Universe does have a unique spin on the offworld human social experiment genre.

Off to the good points: First off, Universe has the better acting and direction compared Stargate Atlantis. It also sheds a bit of the goofy comedy of SG-1, which made Universe a better dramatic version. Yes, it is light years better than the pilot of Virtuality which i compared Universe to in this post.

Yes, the SG-1 team make a couple of cameos but the strength of this show is the more natural blend of the actors. Dr Rush is brilliantlly played by Rober Carlyle, Eli Wallace played by David Blue is perfect for lightening the mood, Chloe Armstrong played by Elyse Levesque provides the sexy angle quite nicely, while Brian J. Smith as Matthew Scott fills in the role of the muscle of the group along with Louis Ferreira as Everett Young. Nice cameo by Lou Diamond Philipps BTW.

The producers say that Stargate Universe will tackle “the really alien and less of the rubber faced alien kind” so expect more scary circumstances than alien commandos. I’m looking forward to more episodes of Stargate Universe and hopefully someone does’nt accidentally dial that ninth Chevron. =)

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