Xbox360 – World Series of Poker

With the insane popularity of online poker, it was only a matter of time before the Sony or Microsoft (Nintendo isn’t in the picture methinks) got the rights to release a World Series Of Poker themed game. It’s not like a poker game needs incredible graphics or processing power of a 360 or a PS3, the real challenge is to make the AI as unpredictable as possible, otherwise you just have another run of the mill computer poker game. This one is the official WSOP authorized game, and apparently it has the best AI out of all of them. The real WSOP is happening right now in Las Vegas, so all the pro poker fanatics (i know quite a bit of guys who are reallly into this) might be into this for some mindless fun. Me? still learning the ropes of the game…

World Series of Poker video after the jump.

Xbox360 – World Series of Poker

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