Pacquiao vs Cotto on October 17?

Will we get to see Pacquiao vs Cotto in October? The Inquirer writes: “Manny Pacquiao should get 65 percent of revenues and Miguel Cotto just 35 if their projected fight pushes through in October, not November, as earlier planned, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

This is what Team Pacquiao will lay down on the table when both sides meet to discuss the terms of the megabuck bout being arranged by Bob Arum of Top Rank. “We want 65-to-35 percent,” Pacquiao’s lawyer Jeng Gacal told sportswriters Monday night. “We can go no lower than that.”

Pacquiao said he prefers the fight, originally scheduled for Nov. 14, to be moved earlier to Oct. 17.

“It’s just the right date,” Pacquiao said. “Nov. 14 is too far away.”

As to the catchweight, Pacquiao said he will have to consult with his team, including trainer Freddie Roach, who wants the fight to be held at 143 pounds.

Cotto, the Puerto Rican World Boxing Organization welterweight (147 lb) champion, doesn’t want to go lower than 145 while Pacquiao, the WBO light welterweight (140 lb) titlist, said he’s willing to do battle at 144.

Like Roach, Gacal said he prefers the Pacquiao-Cotto fight to be at 143, noting that the Puerto Rican weighed in at 146 when he fought and beat Ghanaian Joshua Clottey by an indecisive split decision on June 13 at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

According to Gacal, they are awaiting the arrival of business adviser Mike Koncz, who met with Arum in Las Vegas on Saturday to arrange the fight plans for Pacquiao’s approval.

“We’ll look it over, study it and, if needed, make our counter-proposal,” said Gacal.

Original article courtesy of the Inquirer

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  1. I’ll tell you this guys, this gonna be a big match that will mark in the history if pacquiao wins this fight coz he was the first fighter of all time that got 7 belt in different division.

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