NWN MMORPG in the works?


Is the Neverwinter Nights franchise being turned into an MMO by no less than the developer of Champions Online and Star Trek Online, Cryptic Studios?

The rumor comes from Variety’s typically reliable Cut Scene blog, which cites a number of unnamed “sources.” Those same sources believe the game will drop off Cryptic’s increasingly productive MMO assembly line – which also includes Champions Online and Star Trek Online – in 2011. Apparently, the NWN MMO was the deciding factor in Atari’s decision to acquire Cryptic last year. Clearly, whatever form this game takes, it’s gonna be big.

No matter what studio you are, 3 MMOs is still 3 MMOs. A lot of dev studios buckle under one yet Cryptic is rumored to be working on this NWN Online game even though it’s already their third in the pipeline. Guess we’ll see if the rumor is true…

via MAximumPC

Author: Kiven
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