Magic: The Gathering 2010 Rules Changes

Wizards of the Coast has given word that new upcoming core set for Magic the Gathering would also be accompanied with changes to the rulebook. My take? the changes are subtle but for the better of the game. These rules changes go into effect on July 11, 2009 (the first day of Magic 2010 Pre-release events) and are scheduled to take effect on Magic Online on July 29.

Read the full changes here

Author: Kiven
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4 thoughts on “Magic: The Gathering 2010 Rules Changes

  1. no more mana burn !!??

    pano kung nag-cast ako ng apat na black lotus =D
    ti-nap ko yung apat tapos nag-cast ako ng return all artifacts to owners hand tapos ki-nast ko uli yung apat na black lotus tapos tinap ko

    do i still get 24 mana in assorted colors?

  2. hindi na pwede yung quadruple kill kung wala nang manaburn

    direct damage
    creature damage
    mana burn
    empty library


  3. Well… the only thing that will take a long while to get used to is the removal of the stack.

    That might create a few interesting Pro Tours. But us, let’s see if we can practice with the new rules during our league.

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