Fight Night Round 4 – Legacy Mode

IGN tackles FNR4’s new and improved legacy mode where you create a boxer and rise up the ranks to be the best in the world. Hopefully the new legacy mode improves upon the crappy Rival mode found in Fight Night Round 3.

IGN writes: “Legacy Mode is a big improvement on the Career Mode that bothered so many from FNR3. There are still missing links – I’m not a fan of not being able to hire your own trainer and the lack of a “Rounds Boxed” statistic is also disconcerting considering the abundance of other, more inane stats that are tracked. Still, there’s certainly more good than bad. Fans of switching weight classes will be able to do so while watching their boxer’s meteoric rise or depressing fall in stardom and there’s some nice variation in the new training games. I still need to play more with Nate White to see how things change later in a career, but Legacy Mode seems it’ll stay fun for some time to come.”

Author: Kiven
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