Naruto Manga 445


Naruto 445 opens with a flashback to when Nagato was a kid in Amegakure. His father and mother were mistakenly killed by Konoha SHinobi and the young Nagato unknowingly exacted revenge on them. Nagato also recounts how hard it was to survive with nothing, going from place to place without food.

Naruto Manga 445 spoilers after the jump.

A war orphan like himself named Konan took Nagato in and , along with Yahiko, formed a special bond that meant survival. There were no orphanages in Amegakure so the children resorted to stealing what they could. One day, the three accidentally stumbled onto a battle between Konoha’s 3 Sannin and the leader of the Hidden Rain shinobi, Hanzo. The battle was furious and one of the casualties was Nagato’s pet dog. That is when Nagato wanted something more in life…

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