Sony PS3 manufacturing costs down by 35%, no price cut in sight

Gamepro reports that “Sony has cut the cost of materials used to make its PlayStation 3 game console by 35 percent, according to market research firm iSuppli.”

Wanted to buy a Sony Playstation 3 but it is just too damn expensive. Here’s hoping Sony implements a PS3 price cuts due to the worldwide recession soon.

The components used to produce the second-generation of the PS3 console cost $448.73, based on October component prices, iSuppli said, citing a recent teardown of the system it conducted to see what components are used inside. The market research firm then assembled a bill of materials based on that list of components and estimated prices to arrive at a system cost.

By comparison, the components used inside the first generation of the PS3 cost $690.23, based on mid-2007 prices, iSuppli said.

Sony makes a loss on the sale of each PlayStation 3 console, which sells for $400. But the loss Sony records for each console is narrowing, and the company may soon reach the break-even point, including other costs associated with manufacturing and sales.

“The PS3 may be able to break even in 2009 with further hardware revisions,” iSuppli said in a statement.


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1 thought on “Sony PS3 manufacturing costs down by 35%, no price cut in sight

  1. One of the reasons that PS3 can’t compete with the Wii and the 360 is their price point. Microsoft hit it big when they announced a reduction in price. Meanwhile, Sony thought that putting in more GB in HD space would make gamers buy their console. It’s the GAMES that make you buy, NOT the hard drive. Didn’t they think of that???

    Add to that a lackluster performance of titles, the PS3 is slowly losing the console war battle.


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