C9: Continent of the Ninth

C9: Continent of the Ninth is a new MMORPG from Korean firm NHN and developer Hangame.


Hangame will bring C9 to G-star 2008 which is scheduled to be held in South Korea from Nov. 13 to Nov. 16, during which time korean players will have the chance to try the game firsthand. D@mn, it looks very pretty, rivaling such western made games such as Oblivion or any Unreal 3 powered game.

C9 Continent of the Ninth MMO Video after the jump.

C9 Continent of the Ninth MMO Video

Author: Kiven
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8 thoughts on “C9: Continent of the Ninth

  1. Really like the armors in this game, none of that flashy glowing spikey stuff you see in WoW and other MMOs.

  2. WOOOW nice is this a CD MMORPG OR CAN IT BE DOWNLOADED i need it!!!!! xD when can this be downloeaded or be bought ??
    and anther question is it f2p or p2p??

    later xD

  3. Please Someone be the answer on my prayers, and TELL me when this heavenly game is going to be out in america/Europe, i MUST have it. NEVER ever seen a cooler game then this (mmo i mean). So fucking nice

    Jade dynasty online
    Name: Ghanji
    lvl: 10x
    Alliance: ANTHRAX

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