Bahamut Lagoon being remade by Square?

Square Enix, masters and proponents of the ticking countdown on their websites, has a new one up and it shows Bahamut looking all dragon-y.

bahamut lagoon

My Bahamut Lagoon fanboy guess is that Square Enix has finally decided to remake Bahamut Lagoon and release it officially in english. That or Square Enix decide to release Final Fantasy: Shadow of the Colossus to the unsuspecting masses.

Update: Looks like Square Enix will be calling this game Blood of Bahamut

The trademark; ‘Blood of Bahamut’ was registered just over 2 months ago with fans speculating it could potentially be one of three things. Either a Bahamut Lagoon remake, an additional package for Final Fantasy XI, or even a brand new RPG. [finalfantasyseries]

Visit the Bahamut website after the jump.

Bahamut Website:

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