Is God of War a movie script ripoff?

BoingBoing writes: “In a complaint filed in California’s U.S. District Court, writer Jonathan Bissoon-Dath and artist Jennifer Barrette-Herzon claim that Sony’s God of War swipes work from screenplays, synopses and a map submitted to the company in 2002.

The legal issue will be decided by deep pockets and, conceivably, a jury. The moral issue is simpler to determine. Is there anything truly original in Bissoon-Dath’s take on an otherwise well-trodden Olympic scenario, or are both properties derivative of other sources? Is it all just so much Clash of the Titans with glowy swords?”

Read the God of War – a Ripoff? full story and decide for yourselves as some points are really plausible (as per Mythbusters lingo).

Read the full story via BoingbOing

Author: Kiven
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