Ragnarok DS Details

The DS version of Ragnarok Online is still in development but it looks like ready to go if gaming mag Famitsu was able to give it a huge spread in its latest issue.

The game is titled: Ragnarok Online DS, originally a hit MMORPG, will obviosuly have online play in the move over to the Nintendo’s dual screen wonder. The game will reportedly support Wi-Fi Connection cooperative play for up to three players with 50 multi-player dungeons available.

Obviously, this isn’t quite the same online play as the PC original. Much of the DS title is actually new, including the original main character, Ares. The storyline is also original. The game will also have new jobs, including a dark knight and a shaman.

The control scheme appears to attempt to replicate the PC version, though, with the stylus used in place of the mouse. You make use of stylus motions to attack your enemies, use items, and perform skills.

Ragnarok Online DS will arrive in Japan via GungHo Works on December 18, 2008 just in time for the series’ 6th anniversary.

Source: IGN

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