NBA Live 2009’s Dynamic DNA

nba live 2009

Oh, EA. It’s not about the new features you add but it’s about fixing that old, repetitive, nonsensical NBA Live gameplay that has plagued the series for years. Dynamic DNA is nice and all but….make a better game, please? Buying Take Two wont solve your Live problems if you just buy off the NBA 2k team.

EA has detailed NBA LIVE 09’s new Dynamic DNA technology, which will frequently analyze current NBA statistics to create player AI that’s made fresh daily.

Presented at the company’s Monday E3 press conference, Dynamic DNA uses real life NBA analytics provider Synergy Sports’ data. By updating this data every day using the NBA LIVE 365 online system it captures every player’s most recent performance and updates how he plays in NBA LIVE 09 accordingly.

Aspects of this system also include Team DNA, which rates how each player on a team works with every other player, and a system called Tendencies that judges what types of plays NBA players tend to use. All of these aspects will be updated frequently based on recent NBA events.

According to EA, this constantly updating NBA LIVE 365 system will also be used for a feature called NBA Rewind, which will let gamers replay recent NBA games using conditionals identical to that game, including injuries.

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2 thoughts on “NBA Live 2009’s Dynamic DNA

  1. Totally agree. Until they fix the basic gameplay the Live has been suffering for years now, new features really don’t make up for it. I’ve ditched Live for the past couple years in favor of 2k … which has problems, just less problems.

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