Diablo 3 WordPress Theme – Sanctuary

Diablo 3 WordPress Theme – Sanctuary is a soon to be released WordPress Theme flavored with elements from the upcoming hit from Activision Blizzard. It is an overhaul of my (why fix what aint broke!) somewhat popular Wowza World of Warcraft Theme for WordPress. As you can see, im testing it on codamon.com and im hoping to release it ASAP once the design issues have been fixed.

Comments? Violent Reactions? Is Diablo 3 too colorful? Leave your comments after the jump!

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. For more Play to Earn gaming news, Add me on Twitter: @Kiven and Like my Page on Facebook: http://facebook.com/codamon

3 thoughts on “Diablo 3 WordPress Theme – Sanctuary

  1. Hey when will the theme be launched? waiting to get my hands on it. Your templates rock…keep them coming.

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