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Wowza: Version 2.0 is already in alpha and is currently being tweaked for distribution. Thanks to all who have supported the themes from this site by keeping the credits link intact. Download link to be posted once i am satisfied with the theme’s build.

New Features of Wowza 2.0:
– Widget support
– 3 column layout
– Customizable header
– Burning Crusade Theme
– Improved readability and layout
– Tested on WP version 2.0.x and 2.1.x

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Jim Edwards of apologized and reinstated the credits on his footer. Thanks, Jim. =)

Geez guys, you get a FREE Theme and you don’t even link back? Tsk Tsk.
Yes, i’m talking about you:,,,, and you, Talk about being cheap bastards….

You can modify the theme to your heart’s content as that was my intention of trying to make the theme as simple as possible for editing. But puhlease, a simple link back to this site is much appreciated.

Anyway, Thanks to,, for keeping the credits intact.

Re: New World of Warcraft Theme by the time Burning Crusade hits, Hopefully i can release a new one around BC’s launch windows as i wont be able to meet BC’s street date of Jan 16 2007.

Its been what? 2 months? 3 months?, since the release of my World of Warcraft WordPress called Wowza and im happy that a lot of people downloaded and are using the theme. To those who removed the theme author credits, ive got one word for ya: losers.

Update: New sites using Wowza with credits intact (well, at least those logged by technorati)
Warcraft Wire
WoW hates you
Toy Soldiers Guild
Clan Namforts
Online Games News
Incultus Guild

Thanks guys. More power to your sites!

WoWza is also available on 1000+ Wowza Theme Downloads and counting.

WoWza is also available from

List of sites that use WoWza
WoW Clips
Pencil Pushers (love the name, i.e. cardfloppers or dice chuckers)
OnlineGames News
PFJ Online
Beach Boys

Thanks for keeping the Wowza credits link, guys.

Download information after the jump.

Download Wowza
v1.0 Zip | Rar

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WoWza Screenshot

Thanks to Bos Jayvee for the Digg. If you like the theme, kindly support it by submitting the post to Digg.

Here are some screenshots of this site running my customized version of WoWza:

wowzasc2.jpg wowzasc1.jpg

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. For more Play to Earn gaming news, Add me on Twitter: @Kiven and Like my Page on Facebook:

45 thoughts on “WoWza: World of Warcraft WordPress Theme

  1. Hey, i would like to inform you that Beach Boys @ Shadow Moon EU uses your theme, we love it :)

    Thanks alot for making the theme available to the public!

  2. I forgot to ask in my previous comment. Is there any chance you can make the buttons (in the sidebar) available in .psd so that we can add our own text on them? Thanks again!

  3. kevin,your themes is so pretty,thanks for add a link for me,and how could i get your customized version of WoWza?

    Kiven says: Thank you. Currently, i have no plans of releasing WoWza extended to the public. Maybe in a couple of months time after Burning Crusade hits. More power to your site.

  4. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the theme. I’ve widget-enabled it and customised it for our guild (and to tie in the forums graphically), but the base design is yours – so thanks!


    Kiven says: More power to your site Shane. i hope to release the next version of the World of Warcraft Wowza WordPress theme by the time Burning Crusade hits. thank you.

  5. So, are you still planning on releasing the next version by the time the expanion hits? Inquiring fans want to know.

    Kiven says: Hi Kingfox, Im hoping to release a theme during BC’s launch window but im not sure if i can meet the Jan 16 release date. =(

  6. Awesome theme Kiven!

    I’m looking forward to the new theme release. We’re going to launch a new site and would love to use your theme. We’ve started to look in to modifying the 1.01 theme. If a new, even better, 2.0 theme is coming out, we’d love to use it. And don’t worry, we’ll keep the link in there — or if you want we could probably even pay a small licensing fee to you.

  7. Kiven….wow I got called out! Honestly, when I was reworking all the code I totally forgot to give the proper props….my bad, hope you’ll accept my lame appology and take me off the hate list!….your now properly noted for your work.


  8. Firstly, thanks for the great theme Kiven.

    Secondly, Just to let everyone know – whilst my guild is now no more, I modified this theme to enable widget support, as well as introduced some custom graphics (as well as some borrowed/incorporated ones). A few people have asked for me to make this available, so if you want it please grab it from


    Kiven says: Sorry to hear about your guild Shane, but those looking for a widget supporting World of Warcraft theme should definitely check out Shane’s creation.

  9. Hi,

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  10. Hey Kevin,
    just wanted to say thanks for the kickass theme man. I am a complete WordPress noob but because I figured out how to install themes and you offer this. I was able to get a guild webite up and running fairly fast. Please e-mail me any updates or ideas you might have to help my site. My WordPress knowledge is weak, but smy skillz are strong. ROFL

  11. NP bro.I’m glad to know that the theme was of some use to you. id visit your site but you didn’t include your url hehehe.

  12. Hey Kevin,
    I want to know if you have used the WoW Invincibility Buff thing? If you have.. would you mind showing me on my server? Sounds good, wouldn’t mind use’n it myself just to farm for 1 night and make several k gold. lol I mean damn, I have leveled up 5 characters to 60+. LOL

  13. Kiven;

    Its been a while since the launch of the BC and I was wondering if you had a date for the release of the updated wowza bc edition.

    also I wanted to ask you, a couple of questions about how adding a title to like the modified site you showed had.



  14. Hi Kildjean,

    No, sorry no date this time. i have been terribly busy with work and haven’t had the time to edit the new theme, its somewhere on my hdd but it is still in the rough stages.

    as for the questions, kindly post away and ill answer to the best of my knowledge. Thanks!

  15. Kiven;

    I’ll be using your theme in

    up till now the site is on its early stages..

    There are two main things I would like to do on the theme, if possible, it kind of imitates something you have in the screenshots you provide above. I would like to:

    1. Make a menu bar that is horizontal on the top
    2. Be able to place a graphic for the guildname on top or something like the screenshot shows with wth the name Kiven.

    Could you send me that header file so I can tweak it a little? I promise not to copy your design id just really like something like it.

    Could you email me that or tell me where I could download that?



  16. 1. what kind of menu? page menu? that would be easy as simply edit the header.jpg image with your own image editor and use an imagemap for the hotspots

    if you want a menu based on posts then i think you should refer to the official wordpress docs via and learn more about CSS in order to make a horizontal menu bar. it shouldnt be that hard unless youre really

    2. simply edit the header.jpg again since its a straightforward and clean design. you can also tweak the background image to better match your new header image as well.

    as for the navbar images just download the official worldofwarcraft fansite kit via =)

  17. Hi there Kiven… very nice template you got here. I’m thinking to using it for my new WP blog but was wondering if you have it in 3-columns?

    Thanks in advance!


  18. Hi Daryl,

    unfortunately, i havent released the 3 column theme that im using right now. altough watch out in the next few weeks as ill have more time to release new themes very very soon. thank you for visiting.

  19. Hello Kiven,

    Fisrt of all, tks (and congrats) for the MARVELOUS wordpress theme. =]
    I’m having a hard time creating a portuguese version of your theme to apply on our projects here on brazil. But relax, your credits (and even more) will be there, as very deserved. =]

    I need some help with the title images and header, can I count on you?
    There some way to contact you? MSN? ICQ? E-mail?
    Feel free to write me on PVT. =]


  20. Hey dude,

    I googled and happen to run into this website. been using a blogspot for my WoW site…but guess I want to move onto wordpress which is what I’m using for my business blog and this is a really nice theme I’m considering when I get round to it. Cheers for the theme!

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