Archlord Beta Preview

Update: Server now ok, been able to test a couple of the races. So far the vibe is kinda like Guild Wars (without the instanced stuff) and World of Warcraft (from the Ui to how quests are given).

archlord1.jpg archlord2.jpg archlord3.jpg

The Game Environment looks good on high end resolutions although my biggest problem is how players are immersed into the world, at this point it just seems like get quest, complete quest, go level up. and thats it, but i enjoyed myself with the time i ran Archlord. Hopefully they fix most if not all of the bugs and refine the text/dialouge areas since youll be seeing those a lot.

Old News: But how can you do a preview if teh server keeps on crashing…this is not a good sign. tsk.

Author: Kiven
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  1. Hey dude.. i love your template.. need to get in touch with you regarding a minor change i need help with…. please contact me… ill make it up to you :D .. somehow.. :D

    – Mindoro –
    49 NE hunter
    Magtheridon server

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