Batangas: La Luz Beach Resort


I just got back after a much needed (and much delayed) weekend vacation. La Luz Beach Resort is Located in San Juan, Batangas. The timing was just right since we got to the resort with the sun shining and no rain clouds anywhere in sight. We even got to meet the Coca Cola Tigers from the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). Thanks to Ali Peek, John Arigo and the rest of the team for putting up with my hyper active nephew.

laluz1.jpg laluz5.jpg 

More Pics of the resort and surrounding areas after the jump. Sorry, no Canon EOS here, just an antique 3MP Kodak. =)

laluz2.jpg laluz4.jpg laluz3.jpg 
The waters off the resort are sparkling clean, the surroundings are well maintained and the rooms are quite cozy. Managed to get some snorkeling time in and saw some schools of fish plus crabs and hermit crabs. Will post underwater pics once i get the pics from Jace.

Yum, Breakfast at La Luz: Sinangag Rice, Scrambled Eggs with Onion, Longanisa, Tocino and Mango Juice. All Meals are served Buffet style, good for those who can handle an extra (or two) round of servings: like me hehe.

Gideon posing with Coca Cola Tiger’s Ali Peek. Photo by Jace.

Gideon with other players from the Coca Cola PBA Team. Photo by Jace.

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3 thoughts on “Batangas: La Luz Beach Resort

  1. waaaah! hope to come back in that nice and cozy resort…
    so relaxing..
    if you’re stressed from your toxic work, better go there..

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