Soul Eater Episode 1

Soul Eater

Let me start of by saying that Soul Eater Episode 1 is just AWESOME. This is why i love watching new anime shows: The animation and detail is still superb as compared to episode filler xxx (Yes, Naruto and Bleach. I’m looking at both of you). It doesnt hurt that the characters in Soul Eater, while stereotypical, are charming and memorable.

Oh, Did i mention that the animation is HOT? Yes, Full Metal Alchemist fans, BONES is the studio responsible for Soul Eater: The Anime

In this episode, we’re introduced to a “Meister” named Maka and her weapon partner Soul Eater. They’re out in the human world trying to collect the 99 corrupted souls and one final witch soul needed to turn Soul Eater into a Death Scythe. Sort of a leveling up process for Soul, if you will.

In Epsiode 1, Maka and Soul already have 98 human souls when they come across Jack the Ripper, a psychotic murderer with a carrot nose and some crazy ass wicked blades for fingers. As the battle ensues, Soul Eater transforms into a scythe that Maka wields to fight the Ripper.

Will Maka and Soul finally get the 99th Soul? What about that final Witch Soul? I definitely highly recommend this anime. You won’t be disappointed.

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1 thought on “Soul Eater Episode 1

  1. Soul Eater searching for the Eps too that was a great opening almost detailed fight sequence, and how Maka wields Soul was very cool. wish there were more Eps. (Hw bout DGray Man im w8ting for Ep 77-85)

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