Nabari no Ou


Nabari no Ou or roughly translated as “The Ruler of Nabari” is a new anime that involves Ninjas, Action and the supernatural.

Rokujou Miharu was just a normal boy living a normal life planning to own a restaurant. After being pestered by his classmate Aizawa Kouichi and his english teacher Kumohira to join the ninja club time and again, Miharu is attacked by a group of ninjas and learns of the Book of Knowledge a.k.a. hijutsu dwelling within him and that Kouichi and Kumohira are actually ninjas. With the strongest power of Nabari (ninja world) inside him and dangerous ninjas out to kidnap him, can Miharu’s life of indifference remain, or will he be forced out of his days of apathy.. [ANN]

Author: Kiven
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