Square-Enix’s Sigma Harmonics for the DS

Imagine a Square Enix IP for the Nintendo DS without the words “Final”, “Fantasy”, “Dragon” and “Quest” in the title. Presenting: Sigma Harmonics. Sounds like a Guitar Hero/Rockband clone, eh? But dont worry, it is a RPG through and through.

sigmaharmonics1.jpg sigmaharmonics2.jpg

Yes, Square Enix does make games with out the words “Final” and “Fantasy” in the title. Sigma Harmonics is the company’s newest original IP. It’s a Nintendo DS title, is 60 percent finished and is slated for summer release in Japan. The game is a RPG complete with leveling up (no surprises there!) and is held sideways while playing (interesting!). Though, Sigma Harmonics is an adventure RPG that has a murder mystery story divided into chapters. Every new chapter, a new mystery happens! We’re intrigued. Another scan after the jump.


Author: Kiven
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1 thought on “Square-Enix’s Sigma Harmonics for the DS

  1. Huh, I hadn’t heard about this. They’ve got some pretty cool character designs, and it’s Squareenix so I’m definitely gonna be checking it out. I wonder if this is the start of them getting in on the recent Anime RPG craze…

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