Olympus E-420 – World’s Smallest, Lightest, Cheapest DSLR?

Here’s a lightning review of the Olympus E-420 DSLR camera (not sure if its already available here in the philippines) via Gizmodo


The Gadget: Olympus E-420, billed as the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR
The Price: $500 for the body, $600 if you want the 14mm to 42mm starter lens too

The Verdict:

There’s a lot packed into this little package. People who don’t know much about photography but are dying to learn will love certain features, such as the “Perfect Shot” preview, which shows you four white balance alternatives at the same time, so you can pick the most realistic option; it does the same live previewing for exposure settings too. Olympus added face detection to the camera this time around, a popular point-and-shoot option making its way into the DSLRs. People who are afraid of too much data might shirk at all the live shooting options, but the alternative on some DSLRs, including the otherwise awesome new Nikon D60, is no live preview at all. The E-420 has a hell of a lot of tech packed into its relatively small package.


Author: Kiven
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3 thoughts on “Olympus E-420 – World’s Smallest, Lightest, Cheapest DSLR?

  1. Cool. I was actually looking into getting an e410. This doesn’t seem to offer all that much more though. It would have been nice if they’d added IS like with the e510.

    Looks like i’ll be getting a price drop on the e410!

    Or should I jsut go for an all in one compact camera package like the canon sx100 IS? Sigh.

  2. you know what? i just started getting interested in getting my very own dslr and i wouldnt know much at this point. hopefully, i learn more as i research this hobby

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