Live Pacquiao-Marquez 2

Round By Round Live Pacquiao-Marquez 2 Scoring

PACQUIAO WINS by SPLIT DECISION 115-112, 112-115, 114-113 OMGWTF!!!!

Live Pacquiao-Marquez Results after the jump:

Round 1: This fight is underway. Pacquiao gets the first good combination about 30 seconds into the fight. Marquez with a solid right. Marquez is keeping his distance early in an attempt not to get blitzed in the first round the way he did in the first fight. A solid left from Pacquiao is followed by a body shot from Marquez. It’s a slower pace than the first fight but a well-fought first round. In a tough first round I’m going to give it to Pacquaio, 10-9.

Round 2: Pacquiao starts the second with a left hand and then goes on the attack. But Marquez has a couple of nice counter-punches. Marquez lands a right hook. Another hard right from Marquez. Pacquiao is using his left effectively, but he hasn’t unleashed the kind of barrage he’s known for. Marquez lands another hard shot. A hard left from Marquez glances and then Marquez throws a low blow. Pacquiao comes inside and hits a hard left. Marquez with a big punch at the end of the second round. Pacquaio was wobbly as he went to his corner. Marquez, 10-9.

Round 3: Marquez goes with a left up high but Pacquiao blocks it. Marquez with a solid left counter punch. Marquez is fighting a very smart fight, avoiding opening himself up to any mistakes and then getting Pacquiao to walk into a hard right. Manny is starting to lose his aggressiveness because Marquez is fighting him so effectively. Manny with a straight left, and then another. They accidentally hit heads but no damage was done. Manny is rallying and he landed a solid left hand. Down goes Marquez! Marquez gets back up and almost goes back down again a second time! Marquez was so dazed and confused that he almost went to the wrong corner. Pacquiao, 10-8.

Round 4: Marquez is looking nervous. I think all the confidence Marquez had disappeared when Manny leveled him. Marquez is having a hard time dealing with Pacqiao now. Marquez tries to back Manny up against the ropes, but Manny comes right back. Manny is measuring Marquez and waiting for the right moments, and he’s landing effective punches. Marquez gets in a good combination, but Manny doesn’t look like he was affected by it. Solid left hook from Marquez. Manny lands one to the body, which he hasn’t done much of so far in this fight. Both fighters played it fairly safe in this round, but overall I’m giving it to Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 5: Pacquiao goes for an overhead left. Pacquiao looks confident and calm, Marquez looks jittery. A nice right-left from Pacquaio, but then Marquez counters. The crowd is starting to get behind Manny, as he’s taking over this fight with another solid right hand. Marquez lands a straight right. A big right hand from Marquez, and that’s what he needs to do. A good combination for Marquez at the end of the round, and it was a very close one that I’ll give to Marquez, 10-9.

Round 6: A nice left from Pacquiao gets things started. But then Marquez has pinpoint accuracy with a right on the nose. Marquez now goes to the body with his left. Manny’s eye is bruised, and that’s where Marquez is going. Manny lands a right and then Marquez hits him and gets him off balance. Marquez with a good combination and he’s landing some of his best shots. Marquez is keeping Manny from using that vicious left. Marquez is counter-punching very effectively. A couple of good punches in the last 10 seconds make it Marquez’s best round so far. Marquez, 10-9.

Round 7: Marquez picks up right where he left off and lands a solid left jab. Manny with a combination. Since being knocked down Marquez has fought a much better fight than he did early. They butt heads and Marquez is bleeding. The ref rules it accidental. Marquez comes right back on the attack. And then Manny comes back and now they’re just exchanging shots. A rough exchange would seem to favor Manny, but Marquez actually looked a little bit stronger at the end of it. A right hand sends Manny back and then Manny comes back with a couple of strong jabs. A very close round that I’ll give to Marquez, 10-9.

Round 8: Both fighters have cuts around the eyes; I think Manny’s cut is a little bit worse. A big right hand from Marquez. And then another. Manny’s right eye is bleeding profusely. Manny is protecting the right eye and that can open up his ribs. Marquez lands a big left hook on that injured eye. Manny goes on the attack but Marquez is ready for it. A couple of solid punches to Manny’s face. Manny gets out of the round OK, but that eye is bleeding badly. Marquez, 10-9. Manny’s cut man has a hard job ahead of him.

Round 9: Both fighters are starting to look exhausted, and the first minute of the round doesn’t have much action. And then a hard punch from pacquiao. Marquez goes for a hard right hand to pacquiao’s face, and the blood is flowing. But then Manny lands a straight left, his best punch in the last couple of rounds. Manny goes to the inside, Marquez answers, it’s a close round. Pacquiao went off-balance for a moment, and now the referee has stopped the fight to check the cut on Marquez’s eye. Manny opened up a big cut with a solid left hand. It’s a very hard-fought round that I’ll give to Pacquiao, 10-9.

Round 10: Marquez is staggered with an early shot from Manny! Marquez somehow stayed on his feet despite a brutal assault from Pacquiao. And now Marquez comes back with a couple of punches of his own. Manny is having a very good first minute of this round. Now Marquez’s cuts look worse than Manny’s. The TV announcers are saying Marquez’s cuts could cause the fight to get stopped. Marquez lands a right but for the most part this has been Mannys’ round.

Round 11: The cut on Marquez’s eye looks very bad. Pacquiao has been landing the harder shots in the last couple of rounds. Manny’s eye is looking pretty good. The ref warns Marquez about low blows but doesn’t take a point away. Manny has a couple of good lefts and corners Marquez, but Marquez gets out of it and forces the fight back into the center of the ring.

Round 12 – They trade rights. Big right for Marquez. Marquez to the body. Marquez jabbing. Pacquiao goes to the body. Pacquiao with an uppercut and a right hand. Marquez outboxing Pacquiao with right hands and counter lefts. Marquez drives Pacquiao back with a solid combo of punches and lands another. Marquez with another combo of punches. Marquez wins the final round on my card. I believe that I have Marquez qinning the fight by a point.

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7 thoughts on “Live Pacquiao-Marquez 2

  1. Ayos si pacman d nya akalain mananalo, pero para sa akin manalo matalo, panalo ka pa rin sa amin, gudluck pabalato nman dyan.

  2. objectively form most filipinos point of view, it looks as though marquez won the fight. he wasnt favored by the judges most probably because of the boring and unappealing nature of his boxing style. he could have knocked pacquiao out have he been a little more aggressive! that fight should serve as a lesson to him as most of his other fights always pale in comparison to pacquiao’s.

  3. If Pacquiao had not decked Marquez but won the third round anyway, it would’ve been a split draw just like the outcome in their first fight. If Marquez won the third round, he would’ve won by majority decision.

    Don’t forget that Pacquiao should’ve won the first meeting by a split decision four years ago. Burt Clements, the judge who had it a draw, admitted he made a mistake in shortchanging Pacquiao by a point in the first round when Marquez went down thrice but under boxing rules, the scorecard couldn’t be altered after the fact.

    So if you really think about it, Pacquiao has effectively beaten Marquez twice.

    The problem with some Filipino fans is they’ve been spoiled by Pacquiao and expect nothing less than a spectacular knockout in each of his fights.

    Marquez is a tough opponent and because of his style, will always be difficult for Pacquiao to handle. Pacquiao could’ve done more things to win convincingly last Saturday – he could’ve used the right hand more, he could’ve hit and spun like he did in the second and third Erik Morales fights, he could’ve cut the ring off with more authority on Marquez to close the distance between them, he could’ve jabbed more, he could’ve attacked the body more consistently, he could’ve used more lateral movement instead of insisting on coming forward linearly.

    There are so many other “could’ves” to cite but the fact is two of the three judges scored it for Pacquiao and he won, fair and square. Pacquiao earned the victory because he fought with the bigger heart, came back strong in the late rounds and every Filipino should be proud of his achievement in becoming the first Asian to win three world titles in different divisions. He bled for every one of his countrymen, he took Marquez’ hardest shots without backing down. You couldn’t ask anything more from a hero

  4. Iam a filipino and an avid boxing fan. Although iam proud of pacquiaos accomplishmnets so far but he has failed to earn the ” hero” tag in my eyes. A hero does things beyond his capabilities and achieves. Manny is naturally strong and a natural born warrior. Plus earning millions sure helps as motivation. If manny displays behavior fit for a good role model then maybe i could consider the hero tag, but with millions of people in poverty, manny himself once was in that situation, manny should at least spend his manny wisely and help his fellow countrymen. Also do you all remember Dodie Boy Penalosa? The filipino champion with polio? Why not call him a hero?

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