Nurien – 3D Social Networking slash Gaming Platform powered by the Unreal Engine. You can create your own objects, avatars, 3d objects and legacy media (photos, text) and show them off in Unreal powered 3d rooms via the software or web based client.

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Greaaat. Just what the world needs. Social Networking powered by the GEars of War Graphics Engine. Who would have thought?!?

Author: Kiven
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10 thoughts on “Nurien

  1. well,ive been playing this game for long time, since close beta.. and ito na yung pinaka advance dance mmo na ginawa ng korea… wala sinabi yung other old dance mmo dyan sa gilid… good thing i played it alreay…

  2. Magkakaroon ba ng Nurien PH?sakali magkaroon Level-Up games ba o E-Games?ang kukuha?reply po tnx…kOrny kasi na ng Dance Battle Audition=P…MAS REALISTIC NGAUN UNG GAWA NG KOREA NURIEN PAWNS!!!…The Best MMO Dance Online Game!!!

  3. sinu sa tingin nyu hahawak nyan if ever in the future?
    Level Up(LUG)?
    or Amped?

  4. Nurien.. this is a big problem for the pioneers of MMOSG in the PH.
    I’ve already seen the product design introduction.. it’s unbelievable
    free character movement flawless animation graphics..just blows away

    my only concern is..this game has a heavy duty PC requirement..
    I don’t think majority of the Comshops withing PH can handle the game…

    there was already a problem in handling the highstreet5 game (w/c is already similar to Nurien except the level of graphics is really at different scales).

    But I’m really hoping that Nurien Mstar would be able to land the Philippines

    But I believe NVIDIA/nurien will not allow itself to be bought off by other
    game companies. There’s no way they need to, the marketing of this game
    will be costly but the outcome in the purchases will be just as big or even higher than expected.

    considering PH gamers are into reality based MMMOSGs.

    it would be really a remarkable gaming experience.
    I say this is truly a break through in 3D graphics design..

  5. grabe ang ganda ng Online dance na ito bow talaga ako!! ganda ng pag ka gawa.. :)

  6. kagabe ko lang to nakita na online dancing.. nagandahan talaga ako kaya download ko agad kaso lang tagaL ng patch.. :'(

  7. ^^ meron b ? d2 sa pilipinas ! panu ka nka download ! at saan reply nmn po ~ like ko tlga tong game na toh ! plsss

  8. ^^ saan po b? maka2pagdownload ng game na ito ! like ko tlga tong game na toh ! reply nmn po sa nakakaalm if saan ! tnx >.<

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