Lost Odyssey Review Continued


It’s been 20+ ingame hours since my last impressions slash mini review of Mistwalker’s Xbox 360 epic RPG, Lost Odyssey. One indication of a strong game is its ability to pull me in for hours and hours on end, and forget to update my post.

I have been impressed with what Mistwalker was able to do with the graphics engine. While there are tons of environments in Lost Odyssey, i have been most attracted to the style of the different nations namely Uhra, Numara, Gohtza and their difference in decor/interior styles.

BTW I’m currently at Level 38 with 29 hours in and playing LO’s Disc 4. and the reason why i got so hooked was the intriguing story that blends shades of Highlander, Final Fantasy 3 with a bit of the Bourne Identity.

Author: Kiven
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