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Lost Odyssey starts off with a bang, with two warring nations beating the hell out of each other in CG glory. In the middle of this confrontation is a warrior named Kaim Argonar. He has tons of moves and is able to block almost all incoming attacks, and is the central character in the story. Unfortunately for both sides, a meteor inexplicably drops on top of them, clearing the battlefield of life. Well, except for one Kaim Argonar. He is Immortal. and he is not alone.

Ok enough of the highlander rip but if you’re a Highlander fan, many of the same themes such as the pain and joys of being an immortal will be prominently displayed in Kaim’s Journey.

lostodyssey231.jpg lostodyssey2312.jpg

2 hours in
Lost Odyssey is a beautiful game. Sure, it has some rough spots but overall it looks very pretty with detailed faces and superb surroundings. It also has an interesting combat system that reminds me of the one in Shadow Hearts. But the real star/s for me are Kaim’s Dreams or recollections of the past. These are triggered by certain events or action within the game and are just fascinating to read because it allows you to connect splendidly with Kaim’s character.

Imagine being able to live for hundreds or thousands of years… What pain, joy, anguish, happiness, grief, and other memories will you be able to hold on to. Which ones will you remember the most? Did you have kids? Wives? Family? Imagine yourself not growing old and see them wither right before your eyes. Fascinating stuff. This is what makes Lost Odyssey stand apart from the mass of Japanese RPG’s.

More later once i get a few hours in…..

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