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From Wizards of the Coast:

We’re hoping that you, along with thousands of other MOL players across the globe can help us with the next phase of our beta testing for MOL V3. The latest build has just been deployed, with lots of new features. If it’s been a while since you’ve logged onto the latest version, please consider updating your current beta client (no download needed from this page! Just log on!) or downloading the client from the link provided below.

On Thursday evening October 11, between 4pm and 7pm Pacific time, help us load test the current client. We need 1000 people, and we need you to help us get there!

What’s in it for you? Free drafts! For the entire time the beta is running, you will be allowed to draft for free, and provided with free product, which you will be able to get from the online store that is newly integrated into the client.

Just open the client, poke around, and draft until you drop! No money is required. Lots of formats will be available from years past, including IPA drafts! The first ever set released on MOL is back in the draft queues, for free, for a limited time, along with many other options like RAV block, TSP block, and more.

All 2.5 accounts that exist as of 3 weeks ago should work correctly. If you’ve changed your password in that time, please use the old one.

There will be lots of WotC staff and adepts to help you and answer questions.

Please visit our forums to discuss your experiences on the beta, or just chat about MOL in general, here.

Download the client now from here: Magic Online V3 INSTALLER

Thanks for your help. We are excited about releasing MOL V3 when it’s ready and giving our customers a better online Magic playing experience.

Worth Wollpert
Brand Manager Magic – Digital
Wizards of the Coast

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