Hellgate: London Review Scans

Hellgate: London Review by PC Gamer.

Hellgate London Review

Full Hellgate Review Scans After the Jump.

Scans courtesy of FPS Banana who got it from the official Flagship Forums

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3 thoughts on “Hellgate: London Review Scans

  1. wow just got back playing the demo. this game is amazingly* running around huge surroundings, hallways, snowy streets, all graphics on high. *Retarded omg!!! This game is a disgrace of the gaming industry, its lame, its ugly on highest settings, its pointless, and way way overated by the media. Hands up for crysis, pants down for hellgate london

  2. I agree for the most part with noman, in a diffrent less ranting kind off way.

    The game can’t be compared to Crysis because its a Hack and slash RPG, which means that the more you spend building your character, the more enemies you will fight, (twenty a thirty at a given time ) which in turn explains the fact that the graphics are a little toned down, and I mean in a unbelieveble enormous steaming pile of horse shit kind of way.

    These are the most boring and sterile graphics since since the tomb-raider 1 nude patch. This game makes Daikatana looks like a certified masterpiece, and tells me that the true talents that where working on DIABLO II are still working at blizzard and not Flagship studios.

    Kuddos for EA for not letting the flagship team do a daikatana eidos number on them, and release this scrotal sac imeadiately. (saves money)

    Ps, If you want this piece of game-syndrome working on Vista put it in xp compatibility mode.

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